Scottish Rite Educational Association Board

SRD’s Board is made up of a group of gentlemen from around the Texas who as Masons themselves work to preserve all that was created and all that is maintained at and by SRD.


Scottish Rite Educational Association is a non-profit corporation and is a Masonic institution. As per the Charter, Scottish Rite Dormitory was built to provide a home-like atmosphere for young women attending The University of Texas at Austin. The primary objective of Scottish Rite Dormitory is to promote the spiritual, mental, and physical development of our residents during their stay at SRD. This business philosophy started in 1922 when the doors opened and continues today. The Board of Directors are represented by one member from each of the nine Texas Scottish Rite Valleys. The Executive Committee members are Austin Scottish Rite Masons.


M. Douglas Adkins, 33°
Sovereign Grand Inspector General

Ralph E. Wayne, 33°
President, Scottish Rite Dormitory


Dr. Robert Northcutt, 33°, Vice-President
Moton H. Crockett, Jr., 33°, Treasurer
John Kesner, 33° Secretary
Jeff Bonham, 32°
Paul Bullock, 32° KCCH
James E. “Pete” Laney, 33°
Kirby Perry, 32°
Andrew Weber, 32° KCCH
Kathy Keils, Alumnae Representative Honorary Member
Sheila Sorgee, Alumnae Representative Honorary Member


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