Questions about your application, contract, or our rooms?Here you will find many answers to your questions about SRD. And if not, give us a call!

“What are the requirements for admission?”
Potential SRD residents must complete the Application Form and return it with a photo and a $250.00 room deposit (this includes a $50 non-refundable processing fee). Receipt of a completed application will place the applicant’s name on the SRD Application List. Fully executed contracts will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until the dorm reaches capacity status. Executed contracts are signed by all parties and include a $750 prepayment fee.

“What is Masonic Sponsorship?”
All SRD residents have Masonic Sponsorship. It can be from a family member living or deceased, a family friend, or your local Masonic lodge. Just complete the information on the Application Form. If you have no affiliation with a Mason, simply check the appropriate box on the Application Form and the SRD staff will help secure the sponsorship on your behalf.

“When are the Fall contracts mailed?”
Contracts are mailed in February of the year that the resident will begin classes.

“Can I sign a contract for one semester?”
Contracts are made for the full academic year only.

“Can I pay my bill with a credit card?”
Sorry, we only accept checks at this time.

“Is smoking allowed at SRD?”
SRD is a smoke-free dormitory. No smoking is allowed in the building.

“Does SRD provide the residents with telephone service, and Internet connection?”
Residents are responsible for the cost of a telephone. There is no additional cost for the Ethernet/internet service. Basic cable is provided at no additional charge.

“Cell Phones:”
SRD cannot guarantee the quality of reception for cell phone use in the building.

“Internet Access:”
SRD has two Ethernet ports in every room. Wireless access is available throughout most of the dormitory. At move-in, residents will be given information on how to access the network. Residents must keep their virus protection up-to-date.

“Can I set up a loft-bed in my room?”
You may set up a loft bed in single occupancy rooms only. Loft beds are not allowed in double occupancy rooms because they encroach the space of the other resident.

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